How to create Pre-shared Keys for IPSec

How to create Pre-shared Keys for IPSec

Version 0.1 (02 May 2018)

Prepare Pre-shared Keys

In case Pre-shared Key will be used to authenticate IPSec tunnels, they need to be created on a Nodegrid system before they can be used.

To create a Pre-Shared key on a Nodegrid use the below steps.

  1. SSH to a Nodegrid node
  2. Navigate to the shell
  3. admin@ng-west /]# shell
    WARNING: Improper use of shell commands could lead to data loss,
    the deletion of important system files or other unexpected result.
    Please double-check your syntax when typing shell commands.
  4. Run the following command
  5. admin@ng-west:~$ openssl rand -base64 128

The result of this command will create a valid Pre-Shared key with 128 Byte, which can be used for the IPSec configuration. It needs to be stored in a secrets file. For this store the output of the command in a file in the below format:

  : PSK “”

Example the file /etc/ipsec/ipsec.d/mypsk.secrets contains. : PSK "z29p/x/g10cI… … … … RafMGnwTH3Bk="


@West @East : PSK "z29p/x/g10cI… … … … RafMGnwTH3Bk="

Note: The Pre-Shared Keys have been shortened in the Examples to improve readability.

The secrets files need to be copied to all IPSec nodes. It is to note that the Pre-Shared key is not a text string as such and care should be taken when key is copied to other systems as these might change the key and make it invalid.

The best method is to copy the secrets file to each node.

Below is an example for a Host to Host configuration
Example /etc/ipsec/ipsec.d/host-to-host-psk.conf

conn host-to-host-psk


Example for /etc/ipsec/ipsec.d/host-to-host-psk.secrets

@West @East : PSK "z29p/x/g10cI… … … … RafMGnwTH3Bk="

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