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            What SFP transceivers are supported by Nodegrid appliances?

            The Nodegrid appliances with SFP+ ports can support any Generic or Branded transceivers, copper and fiber.
            Below are the list of transceivers that were validated by ZPE Systems as well as our customers:
            1G Copper SFP transceivers that support 10/100/1000 speeds
            FiberstoreSFP-GB-GE-T 10/100/1000Ethernet: 1000BASE-T, 100m
            CiscoGLC-TEEthernet: 1000BASE-T, 100m
            1G Copper SFP transceivers that support 1G speed
            FiberstoreSFP-GE-TEthernet: 1000BASE-T, 100m
            ZPE SystemsZSFP-GB-GE-TEthernet: 1000BASE-T, 100m
            FinisarFCLF-8521-3Ethernet: 1000BASE-T, 100m
            CiscoSFP-GE-TEthernet: 1000BASE-T, 100m
            1G Fiber SFP transceivers
            ZPE SystemsSFP1G-SX-85Ethernet: 1000BASE-SX, 850nm Multimode, 550m
            ZPE SystemsZSFP-1G-LH-31Ethernet: 1000BASE-LX, 1310nm Single Mode, 40Km
            FiberstoreSFP-1G-LX-31Ethernet: 1000BASE-LX, 1310nm Single Mode, 10Km
            CiscoGLC-SX-MMEthernet: 1000BASE-SX, 850nm Multimode, 550m
            CiscoGLC-SX-MM-COMEthernet: 1000BASE-SX, 850nm Multimode, 550m
            TRENDnetTEG-MGBSXEthernet: 1000BASE-SX, 850nm Multimode, 550m
            10G Fiber SFP transceivers
            ZPE SystemsZSFP-10G-LR-3110G Ethernet: 10G Base-LR, 1310nm Single Mode 10Km
            ZPE SystemsZSFP-10G-SR10G Ethernet: 10G Base-SR, 850nm Multi mode, 80m
            ZPE SystemsZSFP-10G-SR-8510G Ethernet: 10G Base-SR, 850nm Multi mode, 300m

            Contact our Sales team,, to inquiry the transceivers that ZPE Systems carries.
            Updated: 24 Oct 2019 11:36 AM
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