PPP DialUp connection in NodeGrid Serial Console

            NodeGrid Serial Console supports DialUp via USB modems. It does not support via serial ports.


            You can plug any USB modem such as Zoom or USRobotics  to any of the NodeGrid Serial Console USB ports.

            Then, follow the steps below:

            a.       Log in as admin to the NodeGrid WebUI

            b.       Go to System, Dial Up page

            c.       Under Services tab, enable PPP connection

            d.       Under Devices tab, click on Add button

            e.       Complete the parameters accordingly. The “Detected Devices” should show something like ‘usbM1-4’

            f.       After the parameters are complete, click on Save. (NOTE: leave “PPP Dial-Out Phone Number” blank if you want it to be Dial-IN; if you want it to be Dial-OUT, then add the phone number)

            g.       Add callback users and phone numbers under CallBack Users tab, if that is the case.

            Configuration via CLI

            a. log in as admin to the NodeGrid CLI

            b. type the following:

                  cd /settings/dial_up/services

                  set ppp_connection=enabled



                  cd /settings/dial_up/devices/


                  show  (it will list the current settings)             

            name =  

            status = disabled

            device_name = usbM1-4

            detected devices: usbM1-4

            speed = 38400

            phone_number = 

            ppp_idle_timeout = 0

            init_chat = 

            ppp_ipv4_address = no_ipv4_address

            ppp_ipv6_address = no_ipv6_address

            Make the necessary changes for the parameters accordingly:

                  set device_name=<name>

                  set status=enabled

                  set speed=

                        115200  19200   38400   57600   9600  

                  set ppp_ipv4_address=

                        local_ipv4       no_ipv4_address  remote_ipv4  

                  set ppp_authentication=

                        by_local_system  by_remote_peer   none   




            Updated: 28 Mar 2017 10:38 AM
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