Power Control within Serial Session

            Nodegrid Serial Console features the Power Control integration which gives authorized users the ability to power on, power off and reset/reboot the serial devices, within the serial session, by using an escape character (default escape character is Ctrl-O).

            Follow the steps below to configure the Power Control for the serial port.

            • Add a Switched Power Strip from the network
              1. Go to Managed Devices and click on Add button.
              2. Enter a name, select the PDU type, IP Address and username/password of the Power Strip.
              3. Click on Save
            • Scroll down the Devices page, and click on the Power Strip name just added
              1. Click on Management tab
              2. Enable SNMP and Version, and enter the ReadWrite community (check Power Strip’s SNMP settings)
              3. Click on Save
              4. Click on Commands tab, and click on Outlet command
              5. Check Enabled checkbox, set Protocol to SNMP and save.
              6. Click on Outlets Tab and confirm the outlets are listed
            • Click on Devices, and click on the serial port name you want to integrate power outlet(s)
              1. Click on Commands tab and click on Outlet command
              2. Check Enabled checkbox
              3. Select the outlet(s) and click on Add button
              4. Click on Save
              5. Repeat these steps for other serial ports and outlets.


            Test the Power Management integration

            Once you establish a telnet or ssh session to a serial port, hit CTRL O to call the Power Control menu.

            It should present the following options:

            Power Menu - <Device_Name>


            1. Exit
            2. Status
            3. On
            4. Off
            5. Cycle

            Please choose an option:

            Select the option 3 to turn the outlet On, 4 to turn the outlet Off, 5 to power cycle, 2 to check the outlet state (whether On or Off), 1to exit from the Power Menu, and get back to the serial session

            Note: Power hot key sequence is a configurable parameter and can be defined individually for each device. The power menu option can be customized under the Managed Devices::Preferences 

            Updated: 03 Aug 2019 11:01 AM
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