NodeGrid Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)

            NodeGrid Zero Touch Provisioning - Process Details.

            ZTP relies on DHCP server vendor options to pass the parameters. This is similar to many other ZTP implementations. 

            ZTP can be set to run on IPv4 or IPv6. 

            NodeGrid includes ZTP parameters in the options list of any DHCP discovery or request messages. That means ZTP process will evaluate the parameters on the initial IP offer as well as any subsequent IP renew. This approach allows the ZTP to continuously enforce configuration and software version, as well as run scripts on frequent intervals (e.g. monitoring, cleanup).  

            Once all Ethernet interfaces are set with static IPs, ZTP functions will stop. ZTP can also be disabled by configuration, i.e.:

            set /settings/services/ enable_zero_touch_provisioning=no

            The complete set of DHCP vendor options regarding ZTP is listed below (formatted as ISC DHCP server config for convenience):

            option space zpe;

            option zpe.ztp-signature code 1 = text;

            option zpe.ztp-server-url code 2 = text;

            option zpe.ztp-image-filename code 3 = text;


            For the complete DHCP vendor options, ZTP functions, and ZTP on IPv6 settings, please, submit a ticket to request this information.

            Updated: 29 Mar 2017 04:08 PM
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