NodeGrid Multi-routing

            NodeGrid supports IP multi-routing and allows to set default gateway per interfaces.
            The unit enforces that data traffic is sent through the same network interface the package was received.
            In other words, packages received from ETH0 network will be replied to ETH0. Likewise for the ETH1 network.

            Type the command below to check the routing table (example):
            [admin@nodegrid /]# show /system/routing_table/
            destination   gateway      metric  interface   from table
            ==================== ==================== ======= ======== ================================ =====
   0 eth0  eth0
   90 eth0 all main
     0 eth1   eth1
     100 eth1 all main
    - 0 eth0  eth0
    - 90 eth0 all main
   - 0 eth1   eth1
   - 100 eth1 all main
            2401:641:100:a200::/64 - 90 eth0 all main
            ::/0    fe80::225:90ff:fe23:c0c4 1024 eth0 2401:641:100:a200:250:56ff:fea5:fe56 eth0
            ::/0    fe80::225:90ff:fe23:c0c4 90 eth0 all main
            fe80::/64  - 254 eth0 all main

            Additionally, NodeGrid has support for network name spaces, but it is not exposed in UI.
            For example:
            root@nodegrid:/# ip netns add management
            root@nodegrid:/# ip netns add corporate
            root@nodegrid:/# ip netns show

            We recommend not setting up name spaces unless absolutely required since it may affect other networking features.
            Updated: 29 Mar 2017 03:46 PM
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