Network Configuration via CLI

            Example of configuring the ETH0 interface via CLI (please, replace the network values with your own information).
            1. Log in as admin to the Nodegrid console port or HDMI
            2. Type the following commands (in bold):
            [admin@nodegrid /]# cd settings/network_connections/ETH0/
            [admin@nodegrid ETH0]# set ipv4_mode=static
            [+admin@nodegrid ETH0]# set ipv4_address= ipv4_bitmask=24 ipv4_gateway=
            [+admin@nodegrid ETH0]# show
            name: ETH0
            type: ethernet
            ethernet_interface = eth0
            connect_automatically = yes
            set_as_primary_connection = yes
            enable_lldp = no
            ipv4_mode = static
            ipv4_address =
            ipv4_bitmask = 24
            ipv4_gateway =
            ipv4_dns_server =
            ipv4_dns_search =
            ipv6_mode = address_auto_configuration
            ipv6_dns_server =
            ipv6_dns_search =
            [+admin@nodegrid ETH0]# commit
            [admin@nodegrid ETH0]# exit

            Repeat the same steps for ETH1, if required.

            After this configuration, you can continue other settings by accessing Nodegrid's web portal from a browser, or continue using CLI. Check our Help Center for other articles on configuring Nodegrid via CLI.
            Updated: 03 Aug 2019 11:13 AM
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