LLDP Settings

            Nodegrid supports LLDP on its network interfaces.

            The Nodegrid advertises its identity and capabilities information on the LAN, as well as receiving same information from other devices with this feature enabled.

            To enable LLDP on the NodeGrid, follow the steps below:

            1. Log in as admin to the Nodegrid WebUI
            2. Go to Network :: Connections :: ETH0 page
            3. Check the Enable LLDP advertising and reception through this connection checkbox
            4. Save
            5. Repeat the steps for ETH1, if required.

            To view the advertising information from Nodegrid and other devices, go to Tracking :: LLDP page.

            Each line will show the Connection (network interface), Type, Chassis ID, Port ID, TTL, System Name, IPv4 Management Address, IPv6 Management Address, and System Description.

            If configuring it via CLI, then follow theses steps:

            1. Access the Nodegrid via ssh, telnet, or console port and log in as admin
            2. Type the following commands to enable LLDP:

            [admin@nodegrid /]# set /settings/network_connections/ETH0/ enable_lldp=yes

            [+admin@nodegrid /]# commit

            To view the advertising information, type:

            [admin@nodegrid /]# show /system/lldp/

            Updated: 03 Aug 2019 11:10 AM
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