How to Manually Add Virtual Machines to NodeGrid via WebUI

            Select Managed Devices :: Devices, click the Add button to add a device in the system. For the purpose of this example, provide the following information:

            • On the Name field, enter the name of the virtual machine you want to add. The name must be as it is shown on VMware or KVM hypervisor.
            • Enter the IP address of the ESXi or KVM server. Make sure the IP address is reachable by NodeGrid Manager.
            • On the Type field, select virtual_console_vmware or virtual_console_kvm according to your hypervisor type.
            • For KVM VM, provide the hypervisor’s username and password, or select Ask During Login option if you want to provide the credentials during the login time, and then click the Save
            • For VMware VM, you must provide the VM Manager information. Leave it blank for now and click on Save button to save the new virtual machine. Go toManaged Devices :: Auto Discovery :: VM Managers and click on Add button, provide the IP address of the ESXi server, enter an ESXi credential with administrator role and click on Save. If you want to discovery other VMs running on the ESXi server, allow few seconds for NodeGrid Manager to establish communication with ESXi and then click on the VM Server’s IP to edit the configuration. Check the Discover Virtual Machines checkbox, configure the polling interval, the Discovery Scope Options and click on Save button. In order to complete the configuration on the virtual machine, go back to Managed Devices :: Devices and click on the virtual machine’s name you just created. On the settings page, select the VM Manager IP and click on Save button. 

            The virtual machine should now appear under Access page and it should be ready for access.

            Updated: 18 Oct 2016 10:11 AM
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