How to Manually Add Network Devices with SSH or Telnet Support to NodeGrid via CLI

            Access your NodeGrid via telnet, ssh, or console, and log in as admin.

            Type the following commands to add Console device to NodeGrid:

            [admin@nodegrid /]# add /settings/devices/

            [admin@nodegrid {devices}]# set name=<device_name>

            [admin@nodegrid {devices}]# set type=device_console

            [admin@nodegrid {devices}]# set ip_address=<device_IP>

            [admin@nodegrid {devices}]# set username=<admin_user>

            [admin@nodegrid {devices}]# set credential=set_now

            [admin@nodegrid {devices}]# set password=<admin_user_password>

            [admin@nodegrid {devices}]# set mode=enabled

            [admin@nodegrid {devices}]# save


            Note: hitting <TAB> completes the command and show possible options

            Updated: 18 Oct 2016 10:18 AM
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