How to Manually Add Console Servers to NodeGrid via CLI

            Access your NodeGrid via telnet, ssh, or console, and log in as admin.

            Type the following commands to add a Console Server device to NodeGrid:

            [admin@nodegrid /]# add /settings/devices/

            [admin@nodegrid {devices}]# set name=<console_server>

            [admin@nodegrid {devices}]# set ip_address=<console_server_IP>

            [admin@nodegrid {devices}]# set type=<TAB>

            cimc_ucs                                idrac6           kvm_mpu           pdu_raritan

            console_server_acs             ilo                 netapp                pdu_servertech

            console_server_acs6000     ilom              pdu_apc              virtual_console_kvm

            console_server_lantronix    im                 pdu_baytech       virtual_console_vmware

            console_server_opengear    ipmi_1.5       pdu_enconnex              

            device_console                        ipmi_2.0       pdu_mph2                 

            drac                                        kvm_dsr       pdu_pm3000               

            [admin@nodegrid {devices}]# set type=<console_server_xxx>

            [admin@nodegrid {devices}]# set username=<admin_user>

            [admin@nodegrid {devices}]# set credential=set_now

            [admin@nodegrid {devices}]# set password=<admin_user_password>

            [admin@nodegrid {devices}]# set end_point=appliance

            [admin@nodegrid {devices}]# set mode=enabled

            [admin@nodegrid {devices}]# save


            Note: hitting <TAB> completes the command and show possible options

            Updated: 18 Oct 2016 10:19 AM
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