Considerations on Visualization

            Additional Considerations

            There is a lot of flexibility on creating visualizations, and the described steps cover only a small subset of what is possible. Other type of visualization is the area chart, which is useful for stacking measurements for different although related entities, such as the outlets of a PDU.

            In order to achieve this, select Area chart instead of Line chart,

            and configure the visualization options to have char mode as stacked.

            This is the appearance of such a visualization:

            All search expressions are used to select, or limit, the data points that will be used to compose the visualization. They can be used as a filter for the whole visualization, as sub-aggregation filters, or as a filter for the whole dashboard.

            These search expressions are not restricted to the data points’ fields, but they can also refer to fields associated with the device in NodeGrid, such as type, IP address, authorization groups, custom fields, and more.

            For example, we can collect the current provided by each of the outlets of a couple PDUs, one with custom field “rack:abc” and another with “rack:xyz”.

            We can show the total sum of the current provided by the outlets of each PDU by setting the visualization aggregation as sum,

            setting the buckets’ interval to match the collecting period,

            and using the custom fields as sub-aggregation filters.

            The resulting visualization would look like this:

            And we can filter out by entering the IP address of one of them:

            We can further filter out to get a single outlet, all from the same visualization.

            However, we need to be careful to not account for the same measurement twice, like mixing power consumers and power producers, or a PDU’s input and output power.

            Updated: 18 Oct 2016 10:01 AM
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