USB Passthrouh Feature - Nodegrid

USB Passthrouh Feature - Nodegrid

USB Passthrouh

This feature requires the latest USB controller, currently available on new NSR USB modules "year  2021 and later. It is also available on newer models of BSR and GSR.  New models for BSR and GSR that support 5G with 5 Antenna holes  will also support passthrough.  Support for the Link SR,  will become available in future releases. NSC does not support this feature.

USB Passthrough ties two consecutive ports (defined by the hardware). Two operation modes are available for USB ports:

Host Mode

USB devices connected to the port are detected. Power to the port can be controlled.

Passthrough Mode

 USB devices connected to the port are not detected. Power to the port is not available.

Nodegrid automatically detects if the installed USB card supports Power Control. Required configuration files are updated during boot. All USB ports are configured with USB mode set to Host. Initial state (by default) is set to On.

USB – Passthrough – NSR, BSR & GSR

USB – Passthrough – NSR

Host mode – each USB 2.0 type A port functions as USB host.

For example: a USB device connected on port 3 is detected as a storage device.
A user can transfer a file (like a bootable image for a target device) previously stored on NSR.

Additionally, each USB port also supports configurable power on/off control. It functions much like an switchable on/off

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