NSCP in gateway Mode

Role Based Access Administration

 Role Based Access Administration & User Configuration

On the Nodegrid, you could give limited access to certain users based on their roles within certain groups. Let's say, you want give the Cisco managers access only the Cisco Routers & Switches, but no PDU's or other devices.. This can be accomplished in the following manner:

To enable limited user access, Login as admin in WebUI, go to,

        -  Security > Authorization > Add a new group > call it <Cisco_GRP> 


 - Create a local account called Cisco_MGR and map to the Cisco_GRP created previously.

 - Under>  Security > Authorization > Cisco_GRP > Profile >  you could allow different Permissions for that Cisco_GRP per the following:

 - Under>  Security > Authorization > Cisco_GRP> Devices >  Add only Cisco Devices 

  - Under>  Security > Services enable <Device access enforced via user group authorization 

  - Now, login as Cisco_MGR, you can only have a limited view of your Cisco Devices (Routers, Switches, etc)

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