Restoring backups to a Nodegrid Appliance

Restoring backups to a Nodegrid Appliance

Nodegrid restore is an easy way to restore backups from stored configuration backups 
Follow these steps to restore backup to the Nodegrid

1. Login as admin and navigate to System::Toolkit
2. Select Apply Settings
3. Now one has to choose where to get the backup file from
   Local System - it will let you choose file stored locally on Nodegrid. Only filename is required
   Local Computer - it will let you apply backup stored on local computer. 
   Remote Server - it will let you download the backup file from the remote server.
                       url where the file is stored and valid user credentials are required
4. Click Save and then Finish to complete the backup process

Now, the backup is applied and one can check the configuration.

Follow the link for how to video Restoring Backups to a Nodegrid Appliance

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