Nodegrid Docker license and virtualization

Nodegrid Docker license and virtualization

The Nodegrid platform allows administrators to run Docker applications. The platform allows pulling of Docker applications from Docker Hub, starting and stopping of the Docker Containers.
The management of Docker Applications is currently only available through the WebUIThe WebUI provides a basic interface to manage Docker Containers. For more advanced features can administrators use the docker command line tools. 
By default, the Virtualization Service is disabled. It has to be enabled to run NFVs and Docker apps. 

Configuration via WebUI
1. Log in as admin, and go to System page.
2. Click on Add and enter the Docker license key.
3. Press Save.
4. Now to activate Docker service go to Security and select Services.
5. Select 'Enable Virtualization Services' option.
6. Press Save.
7. Then, Applications icon is available 

For more details about Docker and NFV / Guest OS installation and configuration, please, contact
Docker enables using several tools on your Nodegrid, for example Zabbix. In case you want to learn more about using Zabbix check:

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