LTE Modem : Current Band, Cell tower and Non-cached signal quality Information

LTE Modem : Current Band, Cell tower and Non-cached signal quality Information

In Nodegrid, if one needs to run 4G and 5G LTE modem speed tests, mmcli command can be used with different parameters.

One needs to use modem specific commands to retrieve the following information,
1) The current band the modem is connected to during the speed test
2) The cell tower the modem is connected to
3) Non-cached signal quality 

For EM9191, one can use:  mmcli -m <number> --command=\!GSTATUS?

Example of output (note the information in bold):
response: '!GSTATUS: 
Current Time:  6039             Temperature: 38
Reset Counter: 5                Mode:        ONLINE
System mode:   LTE              PS state:    Attached
LTE band:      B66              LTE bw:      20 MHz
LTE Rx chan:   0                LTE Tx chan: 132322
EMM state:     Registered       Normal Service
RRC state:     RRC Idle
IMS reg state: No Srv

PCC RxM RSSI:  -71              PCC RxM RSRP:  -104
PCC RxD RSSI -74              PCC RxD RSRP:  -106
Tx Power:      --               TAC:         417a (16762)
RSRQ (dB):     -12.1            Cell ID:     01446a03 (21260803)
SINR (dB):      2.6'

Note: ModemManager has its own interval for refreshing the signal calculation, that's why it shows cached most of the time

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