IPSec Advanced Settings

IPSec Advanced Settings

Version 0.1 (02 May 2018)

Advanced IPSec Settings

The available IPSec implementation supports a wide range of additional settings which can be used to adjust the behavior and security. The samples in this guide only highlight the basics.

Below is a list of some additional settings which can be used.

Example Value
IKE encryption/authentication algorithm to be used for the connection
IKEv2 (RFC 7296) settings to be used.
Options are:
Permit (default)
Set the delay (in time units, defaults to seconds) between Dead Peer Detection or IKEv2 Liveness keepalives that are sent for this connection (default 0 seconds). If dpddelay is set, dpdtimeout also needs to be set.
Set the length of time that we will idle without hearing back from our peer.
how long a particular instance of a connection should last, from successful negotiation to expiry (default 8h, maximum 24h). Normally, the connection is renegotiated (via the keying channel) before it expires.
Set the metric for the routes to the ipsecX or mastX interface.

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