How to Recover/Reset Password of Admin or Root Users

How to Recover/Reset Password of Admin or Root Users

Case #1

The admin password was changed and you don’t remember it, but root password is still the default.

Log in as root via NodeGrid console port, type its default password root. At the shell prompt, type passwd admin and enter the new password. You should be able to log in as admin with the new password.


Case #2

The root password was changed, but admin has still the default password.

Log in as admin via ssh, telnet, or console. At the admin cli prompt, type: shell sudo su -

It should present the root shell prompt. Then type passwd root and enter the new password. You should be able to log in as root with the new password.


Case #3

Both admin and root passwords were changed and you don’t remember them.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Have a terminal (Putty, SecureCRT) with 115200bps baud rate connected to the NodeGrid console port, or a monitor to the HDMI and a keyboard to USB port, if you have the NodeGrid Serial Console; or launch the Remote Console on the VM, if you have the NodeGrid Manager.
  2. Reboot the NodeGrid.
  3. Select Rescue Mode at the bootloader menu (remember you have 5 seconds to choose the desired option) :

      4. The bash prompt will be presented.
      5. Then type passwd root and/or passwd admin and change the password

      6. Reboot the unit again by typing reboot
      7. Verify the new passwords by logging in as root and admin.

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