Select Managed Devices :: Devices, click the Add button to add a device in the system. For the purpose of this example, provide the following information:


  • On the Name field, enter the name of the KVM unit you want to add.
  • Enter the IP address of the KVM unit. Make sure the IP address is reachable by the NodeGrid Manager.
  • On the Type field, select the KVM type options.
  • Enter username and password of the user account you want to use to login to the device. Or select Ask During Login option if you want to provide the admin credentials during the login time, and then click the Save


The KVM device should now appear under Access page and it should be ready for access.


Further configuration on Managed Devices :: Devices is available in order to enable tunnel, monitoring, scripts, data logging, event logging, alerting and custom fields for this type of device.