How to Manually Add a Device in ZPE Cloud

How to Manually Add a Device in ZPE Cloud

Log into ZPE Cloud and click on settings.  This will take you directly to the "Enrollment" page.  Make sure to check the box for "Enable Device Enrollment" to enable enrollment.  Here you will need to copy your "Customer Code" and your "Enrollment Key".  You will need these 2 items to enroll your Nodegrid product to your ZPE Cloud instance.  Please see below:

Next, log into your Nodegrid's web UI and navigate to "System::Toolkit" and click on "Cloud Enrollment".

You will then enter in your "Customer Code" and "Enrollment Key" that you got earlier from your cloud instance here (below):

After entering in the "Customer Code" and "Enrollment Key", you should now see your Nodegrid in your ZPE Cloud instance, under "Devices::Available" page.

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