How to enroll a TPM1.2 NSC to ZPE Cloud

How to enroll a TPM1.2 NSC to ZPE Cloud

Note: This guide is for TPM1.2 NSC device only

  1. Upgrade NSC nodegrid version from 3.2.x to 4.1.6
  2. Then upgrade to 4.2.13.
  3. Check device has tpm1.2:

root@nodegrid:~# -i

=============== PRODUCTION TEST BEGIN ===============

        TPM version: 1.2

================ PRODUCTION TEST END ================

  1. Enroll with the keys:

root@nodegrid:~#zpe_cloud_enroll -r

  1. Input Customer Code XXXXXX and ENROLLMENT KEY ZZZZZZZZZ in this format (XXXXXX.ZZZZZZZZZ)
  2. Prompt should show “Enrollment process successful!”



In case device failed to enroll zpe_cloud after upgrading to 4.2.13:

Step 1) Check the tpm is active and enabled:

root@nodegrid:~# cat /sys/class/tpm/tpm0/active


root@nodegrid:~# cat /sys/class/tpm/tpm0/enabled


Step 2) Reboot and go to BIOS via shift + D

Step 3) Go to Advanced tab > Trusted Computing

Step 4) Make sure both the TPM security device support and TPM State are “Enabled”

Step 5) Save and exit and let device boot to OS automatically

Step 6) Enroll with the keys

root@nodegrid:~#zpe_cloud_enroll -r

Step 7) Input Customer Code XXXXXX and ENROLMENT KEY ZZZZZZZZZ in this format (XXXXXX.ZZZZZZZZZ)

Step 8) Prompt should show “Enrollment process successful!”

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