How to: Enable ZPE Cloud Remote Access...Remotely

How to: Enable ZPE Cloud Remote Access...Remotely

You just got your ZPE Nodegrid up and running and it is connected and enrolled in your ZPE Cloud.  But you can't access it remotely because the remote access buttons are grayed out.  It is online, but no access available.

The way to get remote access without sending anybody to the device or site is to use a profile from ZPE Cloud and push it down to the Nodegrid to change the setting.  Create a profile with the CLI settings to change the remote access.

Then provide the CLI content

  1. cd /settings/zpe_cloud/
  2. set enable_remote_access=yes
  3. commit

Save it and then apply it to your device

You can track the operation under Profiles, then Operations and Jobs.  Once it is applied successfully and completed, you should be able to access the device remote from ZPE Cloud.

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