How to Connect to a USB Serial Port on the NodeGrid?

How to Connect and Configure a USB Serial device on the NodeGrid ?


The Nodegrid OS supports the serial connections via USB as well. In particular, it supports the connections USB - USB Micro, very used on some vendor switches (e.g. Cisco), as alternatives to the RJ45 console ports. 

For the testing, we used this model of cable:


First, plug the cable in the Cisco switch, on the USB Mini port. On the Nodegrid side, plug it on a USB port. In this case, we took the first USB port. 

When a USB device is plugged into the NodeGrid USB port, it will detect its type automatically. When the type is Serial, NodeGrid will detect it as usbSx-y (where x is the usb bus and y the usb port).

On the WebUI, go to Managed Devices :: Devices :: usbS1: Access: 

Keep the Type "usb_serialB" at its default value. Mode: set it to 'Enabled'. We keep the Baud Rate to its default (9600). 

Optionally, you can enable the hostname detection and select an Icon corresponding to the vendor (here Cisco). 

Click on Save. 

On the main page, Access: the target device has appeared: 


Via the CLI, login to NodeGrid as admin and check the configuration:

[admin@nodegrid /]# show /settings/devices/

There should be a new device with usb_local type, for example, usbS1-4. Then list its configuration: 

[admin@nodegrid /]# show /settings/devices/usbS1-4/access


allow_ssh_protocol = yes

allow_telnet_protocol = yes

telnet_port = 7049


Telnet may be disabled. Try enabling it:

[admin@nodegrid /]# set /settings/services enable_telnet_service_to_managed_devices=yes

[+admin@nodegrid /]# commit


Then you should be able to 'telnet nodegrid 7049' or 'ssh -l user:7049 nodegrid'

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