How to Configure Nodegrid Serial Ports

How to Configure Nodegrid Serial Ports

To configure the serial ports of your Nodegrid Serial Console, follow the guideline steps below.



  1. Log in as admin to the Nodegrid Serial Console Web interface.
  2. Go to Managed Devices page.
  3. Select the serial ports you want to configure, or check the top checkbox, to select all serial ports, then click on Edit.
    Note: the configuration of the first serial port from the multiple selection will be displayed, and only changed field(s) will be saved.
  4. Make the necessary changes according to your needs:

  • set baud rate
  • set mode to Enable
  • Check/Uncheck:
    • Enable Hostname Detection
    • Multisession
    • Read-Write Mutisession
    • Skip authentication to access device
    • Show text information
    • Enable IP Alias
    • Data Logging
    • Allow SSH protocol
    • Allow Telnet protocol
    • Allow Binary socket

5. Save the changes



1. log in as admin via ssh or console port

2. type the following commands:

[admin@nodegrid /]# cd /settings/devices/

[admin@nodegrid devices]# edit -

and set parameters you want:

[admin@nodegrid {devices}]# set

address_location=                            flow_control=

allow_binary_socket=                       icon=

allow_ssh_protocol=                         mode=

allow_telnet_protocol=                      multisession=

baud_rate=                                      parity=

coordinates=                                    power_control_key=

data_logging=                                  read-write_multisession=

enable_data_logging_alerts=             show_text_information=

enable_hostname_detection=             skip_authentication_to_access_device=

enable_ip_alias=                               ssh_port=

escape_sequence=                            telnet_port=


once all parameters are configured, type:

[admin@nodegrid {devices}]#commit

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