How to Auto-Discover and Add Network Devices with SSH or Telnet Support to NodeGrid

How to Auto-Discover and Add Network Devices with SSH or Telnet Support to NodeGrid


      Use case for the Network scanning of IP Devices is to add all the IP managed devices into the Nodegrid Manager for managing all the devices.  It can also be used to detect IP usage in the network.  (This detection of IP device is at the time of discovery).

In order to discover Network Devices on the network, first you need to add at least one network device type added manually.
in the WebUI log in as Admin then from the menu go to Managed Devices::Devices then click the "Add" button.

the most important here is the device Type defined for the device.  "device_console" is used here to allows the SSH, telnet or even http/s access. Name this device "IP-Default" for documentation purpose
See also the article "How to manually add Network Devices with SSH or Telnet Support to NodeGrid" for details.

Then, access the NodeGrid via a browser and log in as admin user.

Go to Managed Devices :: Auto Discovery:: Network Scan page and click on Add button.

Enter a Scan ID and the IP range (start and end).

You can select/unselect the 3 options depending on how you want to discover your network devices:

  • Similar Devices (select a network device you previously have added to NodeGrid),
  • Port Scan and enter a list of ports in the Port List field,
  • Ping

You may want to change the scan interval or leave it the default 60 minutes.

Click Save.

Similar Devices mean that all devices have the same credentials.


Now, go to Managed Devices :: Auto Discovery:: Discovery Rules, click Add, and follow the steps below to discover and add network devices to the NodeGrid Managed Devices.

  • Enter a name for the rule
  • On Discovery Method select Network Scan. In the Scan ID field select the Scan ID from above.
  • In the Action field, select action Clone (Mode: Enabled).
  • For the Clone From field, select the network device name that you manually added and then, click Save.

NodeGrid Manager is now configured with basic information and ready to discover Network Devices and to accept users and connections to managed devices. You may want to wait for the Scan Interval, or click on Discover Now tab, select the Network Device Scan ID, and then click on Discover Now button.