How to: Set up ZPE Cloud event notifications to be received on a distribution group

How to: Set up ZPE Cloud event notifications to be received on a distribution group

In ZPE Cloud, you can configure event notifications to be sent to any user in your ZPE Cloud instance.  For some companies, it is desirable to send notifications to a distribution group or list (DL) and members of the DL do not or should not have access to the ZPE Cloud.

This can be accomplished by creating your DL in your mail server, adding the DL as a user in ZPE Cloud then locking the DL "user" from access to the cloud yet still send it notifications.

Here is the process to do this.

  1. Create a distribution group with only one user as member, this user would be the ZPE Cloud admin.
  2. In ZPE Cloud, add a new user with the DL email address and send the invite to the ZPE Cloud.

  1.  When you receive the invitation, open a web browser session in private mode so it doesn't interfere with your normal ZPE Cloud session and go the link sent in the invitation
  2. Now this DL will show as a user in the users section, as admin, select the DL and "Lock" it, this prevents login to the cloud with this user.
  3. Now add this DL user to the notifications section

Now you can add as many members as you want to the DL and they will receive the notifications but can not access ZPE Cloud with this account.

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