Event Notifications are displayed on the CLI session

Event Notifications are displayed on the CLI session

When a user connects to the CLI session, event notifications are displayed as part of the CLI session like:

  1. 2021 Jan 01 00:00:00 nodegrid Event Notification from nodegrid. Reported on 2020-01-01T00:00:00Z. Event ID 200: A user logged into the system. User: user@ Session type: SSH. Authentication Method: TACACS+.

Event Notifications are getting pushed to administrators CLI session based on a setting in the Syslog Auditing settings. By default this setting is turned off and no events are pushed to admin session, but when enabled all events will be pushed to all admin sessions. This includes all users which are part of the admin group.

Turn off the setting 'admin_session' in the Syslog Destination settings


  1. [admin@nodegrid settings]# cd /settings/auditing/destinations/syslog/
  2. [admin@iegsr nodegrid]# set admin_session=no
  3. [admin@iegsr nodegrid]# commit

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