How to setup a Console Dial in connection in NodeGrid to access CLI

How to setup a Console Dial in connection in NodeGrid to access CLI

NodeGrid devices support M2-Modem (Analog Modem with M.2 Interface) that can be installed in LSR, BSR, GSR, NSR and NSCP devices

NodeGrid can be configured to support dial in access to the CLI

To setup a Dial In access to NodeGrid CLI, follow the steps below:

A. Identify the Analog Modem
      1. Login to NodeGrid WebUI
      2. Navigate to Tracking :: Devices :: USB devices

      3. Store the Kernel Device name, usbM5-A in this capture, for future reference.

B. Configure Dial Up Service
      1. Navigate to System :: Dial Up :: Services
      2. Set Login session to Enabled, then Save

C. Create and Configure a Dial in Interface

      1. Navigate to Network :: Connections, then click Add
      2. Set       
            Name=    Dialin
            Type=      Analog MODEM
            Description (optional)
            Status=   Enabled
            Device Name= usbM5-A
            (Noted in previous steps)
            Speed=      9600
            then click Save

D. Test by Establishing a Dial Up access to NodeGrid using a PC (Windows sample below)
      1. Open HyperTeminal and Create a new connection

      2. Configure the Connection and click OK

      3. Dial to Access NodeGrid

      4. Login using credentials to access CLI 

E. Monitor Activity and Events
      1. Login to NodeGrid
      2. Navigate to Tracking :: Event List :: Events

You will be able to identify Nodegrid User Logged In events using the Dialin interface

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