Configuring Session Idle Timeout

Configuring Session Idle Timeout

The idle session timeout is the number of seconds to timeout the open sessions due to inactivity.
Changes made will affect the new sessions only, the open sessions which are already in use will continue to follow the timeout value since the start of the session as set earlier. The timeout value affects TELNET, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS and serial console sessions.

This can be changed via GUI as below
  1. Login as admin and go to System::Preferences
  2. Under the section Session Idle Timeout change it to desired value.
  3. Click Save for the changes to take place.
Follow the commands to set timeout value via CLI
  1. Login as admin and enter the command cd /settings/system_preferences/
  2. Now enter set idle_timeout=<in seconds>
  3. Type commit to save the changes.
  4. This can be verified by entering command show.

Sessions can be set to never expire by setting the count to zero.

Follow the link for how-to-video Configuring Session Idle Timeout
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