Change the column size in console port session for cli and shell in Nodegrid

Change the column size in console port session for cli and shell in Nodegrid

The current default settings for columns is 80, so CLI commands with long parameters and values, or shell commands outputs get wrapped around, and sometimes, it makes hard to see them properly.

A workaround is to set the columns to be larger than the default.

Follow these steps to change the column size.

1. Launch the terminal emulator ( e.g. putty )
2. Start serial session with console port using admin credentials
3. Go to shell by entering command shell sudo su -
4. type command,
   stty columns 160 ( it can be any  value larger than 80 )
5. Now, shell output size will be 160 
6. Exit from shell with command exit and check the column size in cli ( admin )
7. Save the current profile. This profile can be used for future sessions (so that there is no need to set columns again)

Note: This fix will work in most of the terminal emulators. i.e Teraterm

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