Automate Firewall Deployment with ZPE Cloud

Automate Firewall Deployment with ZPE Cloud

With ZPE Cloud one can deploy the firewall on nodegrid devices automatically.
One can select the device and script ( firewall configuration ) and it will be deployed on the selected device.

Follow these steps,
  1. Login in ZPE Cloud and go to Devices
  2. Select the device and select Apply Script
  3. Select the script you want to apply from the list and click Save . The script is supplied so device can download the script and start deploying the firewall
  4. Wait for some time for the script to be deployed. Go to the nodegrid device and you can see the firewall is deployed and can be seen on Access page along with session options to access the firewall ( i.e. console web )
  5. Click console for firewall and you can see the ongoing deployment and once it is done you can login into the firewall . You can also login using Web session option and configure the remaining configuration through web interface for the firewall
Follow the link for how to video Automate Firewall Deployment with ZPE Cloud

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